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I manage a large sports club with over 800 members. When i joined the club fees were collected by coaches and volunteers. We teamed up with Subsapp and registered the entire club in the system. In our first year we improved our collections by over 10K. We approached our bankers with the information and easily qualified for a loan and a grant to improve our club facilities. The online and personal support offered by James and his team is fantastic - they came down to our first registration day and made sure everyone was comfortable with the system and our issues were sorted quickly. Excellent value.


I run a small running club 70 members. I'm not techie so i asked Subs to set me up which they did. After a short learning period i manage the members, collect fees and get payouts to my bank account. All for 10 euro a month! No more chasing members.

Bill Porter

Happy Campers Club - I find the app simple and easy to use. Looks great and helps me to organise trips etc.


We run a rugby club here in Dublin. Average members are 200. We use Subsapp and find it easy to use and once members understand the process it's easy to use. Support is great and it's inexpensive for the product.


I use Subsapp to run a fitness club. I find the monthly subscription ideal as there's no upfront fees. I find it easy to use and scheduling training and collecting fees is easy.

Seamus Power

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