Simple, Affordable & Recordable

Whether you are a small or large club Subs takes the pain out of managing your club subscriptions allowing you to accept Credit/Debit Card and Cash payments on the go.

Discover Subs

Watch our video to find out what Subs can do for you and your business.

Manage Your Club with Ease

A full management suite for your club, from coaches to members to teams. Easy payment collection and revenues at a glance with automated receipts.

Coach Management

Easily Manage all the coaches in your club.

Team Management

One team, class or multiples. It doesn't matter. Subs handles them all with ease

Member Management

Keep track of all the members in your club

Payments on the Go

Accept Credit/Debit Cards and Cash Payments from your members.

Outstanding Subscriptions

Keep Track of Member Balances and Outstanding Subs.

Payment Histories

View a Members full payment history. Full visibility on payments


The beauty of Subs is the intuitive interface and ease of use. You can record a payment from one of your members within three taps.

Start Collecting your Member's payments now!

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